I'm a girl who loves a piece with a story. A leather bag that lives a long time and travels from owner to owner is full of stories. Leather is made to live many lives and to cycle through many owners. I love knowing that I'm just a small piece of the story behind each of the bags that are created.  

My hands are involved in every step of the construction of Bone Feather bags from cutting, sometimes dyeing the leather, to sewing the finished product. In the end, the personal relationship I have with each bag runs deep. The small details that require punching each hole by hand and threading those holes by hand, sometimes with string I’ve dyed by hand, connects me to each piece. Bone Feather is, above anything, a brand with a deep connection to raw, organic materials. Celebrating and working with the cuts, holes, and discoloration of raw, organic materials is what makes each Bone Feather creation unique. Contrasting that with a classic, black and white striped lining creates a finish that speaks what we love about working with different textures, and adds to the functionality and practicality of our pieces.


What we love about the work we do and the products that go into our customer’s hands is that we know the materials so well, and we know exactly what it'll look like in 5, 10, even 20 years time. When you find that special piece in our collection, your life will provide the character that makes it truly yours. Whether you're running errands, dashing from meeting to meeting, or taking some time to lounge with friends and family, our pieces fit seamlessly into your life. So stuff them with makeup, books, animal crackers, and sippy cups. Plop them on barstools, benches, and blankets. Our pieces are durable enough to take anything you got and go with you wherever you go.


Designer Brooke Hagaman was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. After attending Parson's School of Design, she returned home and launched the Bone Feather leather collection in 2011.

Bone Feather